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The main goal of the international Joint Master is to support the society towards a climateresilient and sustainable pavement infrastructure. Transport infrastructure is one of the important assets needed to develop countries to a higher level for future generations. The environmental and societal impact is significant and can only be improved by engineers with a multidisciplinary approach and a broad vision on future availability of technologies, materials, people and processes. This multidisciplinary approach can be presented for example the use of sensor technology to estimate asset maintenance, digitalisation processes related to materials and processes to increase circularity, quality and effectiveness of the infrastructure sector, selectionand recycling of materials in order to secure health of workers, users and surrounding residents now and in the future. This Joint Master will deliver the next generation masters who will decide on infrastructure for the next 100 years. The Joint Master will collaborate with several Associated Partners* from all 5 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. A transfer of skills and expertise are clustered to develop sustainable solutions for the complex future challenges.

*You can become an Associated Partner by signing the letter of Intent.

Structure of the joint master (first draft)

Semester 1
6 courses

Basic Technologies and Research tools for Pavement (UAntwerp) – Antwerp, Belgium
- Sustainability and Resilience in Project Management (6 EC)
- Introduction to Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization (6 EC)
- Pavement Analysis, Design and Management (6 EC)
- Material Testing and Evaluation (6 EC)
- Option I (Elective courses) (6 EC)
(1) Road Acoustics
(2) Debating Development in Global Mobility
(3) Safety and Resiliece in Road Engineering

Semester 2
5 or 6 courses

Track 1: Smart Pavement Engineering  (UMinho) - Braga, Portugal
Transportation Geotechnics (5 EC)
- Sustainable and Multifunctional Pavement Materials (5 EC) 
- Airports and Railways (5 EC)
- Enhanced and Smart Pavement Surface Functions (5 EC)
- Digitalization of Pavement Monitoring (5 EC)
- Highway Environment Management Systems (5 EC) 

Track 2: Sustainable Pavement Engineering (UNIPA) - Palermo, Italy
- Sustainable Transport Infrastructure (6 EC)
- Sustainable Pavement and Embankment Materials (6 EC)
- Circular Life-cycle Based Pavement Management (6 EC)
- Sustainable Geometric Design Practices (6EC)
- Smart solutions for transport infrastructure (6 EC)

Track 3: Climate Resilience and Sustainability in a Global Perspective (MAHE), Manipal - India
Advanced Sustainable Pavement Materials and Technologies (6 EC)
- Soil Stabilization Techniques for Resilient Roads (6 EC) 
- Spatial TSpatial Technologies for Smart Roads(6 EC) 
- Economics of Eco-friendly Road Infrastructure  (6 EC)
- Computer-Aided Road Design (6 EC)

Semester 3
1 course

Industrial Training Project and Dissertation preparation seminars
-Research and Communication Skills (online) (6 EC)
Option II (Elective courses - online) (6 EC)
(1) Sustainable Mobility Policies
(2) Theory and Design of Bridges

-Industrial Training Project on Pavements (18 EC)

Semester 4

Dissertation @ any partner
Dissertation (30 EC).


University of Antwerp
University of palermo
University of minho
Manipal academy of higher education

Associated partners

Industrial partners

academic partners

Members of the national resonance groups


Newsletter May 2024

We present the results of our latest survey. Our partners in industry and academia responded to questions about aligning the curriculum of the Joint Master ‘Sustainable and Resilient Pavement Engineering (SURPAVE)’ to current and future needs and expectations.

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Kick-off meeting

From 23 to 24 November 2023, the Consortium Partners and members of the Italian National Resonance Group met at the University of Palermo to kick-off the Erasmus Mundus Design Measure Project “Pavement Opportunities Worldwide in Education and Research ft Climate Neutral 2050 (POWERCN2050).”

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